Fall favourites

You know what I find challenging?
Being introvert and highly sensitive while studying to become a hairdresser. It makes it so darn hard to find a salon where I can do my friday internship this term, since you really feel the atmosphere, and if something is a bit unpleasant you can’t help but notice it, which kind of makes it impossible to stay there when you truly feel it isn’t the place for you…

Sometimes I wish I didn’t feel as much as I do. Things, as described, would be much less complicated if I didn’t. And I am not the kind of person who can neglect my feelings and just keep going. I can’t just grit my teeth and get it over with, like so many people seem to be able to. Mental health is just too important to me to. And time is worh so much more than money.

I knew I would find this education challenging, since I know I’m very introverted and the hairdresser carreer is all about extraversion. And naturally, people are assuming that one just loves being part of – let’s say – a huge fair for hairdressers, where there are hundereds of things going on and so many people working. Well, that is a nightmare to me, to tell you the truth.

I’m trying to keep myself motivated by telling myself that I’m needed in the buisness – that not everyone wants to go to the most modern and hip salons with an abundance of luxuries. No, perhaps some people like the smaller, more quiet ones, and it is in a salon like that that I’d like to work. Not full time, mind you, I would never give up my medieval-times-related job!

Even if I’m quite out of energy at the moment, creativity and inspiration’s still raging and I’m really excited to try out making a 1930’s inspired hairstyle on my sister which I will use when I take the end of School Exam this december. I think she’ll look gorgeous in it… Definately want to upload some photos of it, if I manage to complete it at home, but it won’t happen for a while I’m afraid – got some things to buy first since I can’t borrow everything from school.

Well, this post is spinning completely out of control now. I wasn’t even meant to write about school, but of my favourite fall books! Or just, well, my favourite books haha… Here I’ve collected my favourites, and several of them have a really fitting feel for autumn, if you ask me…

  1. The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit (let’s face it, they are always fitting no matter what season)
  2. The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Rúiz Zafón – this one is kind of melancholic, poetic and just incredibly beautiful, and the cover is just screaming ‘AUTUMN’ if you ask me. This one I’d say is the one that gives you the best autumn-vibes!
  3. The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. It is a story in a story – we start in the present and the main character starts to tell the story of his life and how he came to end up where he is (we’re still waiting for the third and last part of the trilogy to come). The present is – if I remember correctly  – taking place in late summer or early fall, for I distinctly remember the main character talking about cider and making cider, which I’d say you do during the harvest…
  4. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – I’ve chosen Azkaban only because it fit best into the picture – really, every HP books is fitting for fall/autumn I think, since there’s always a Halloween feast (and LOTS of other awesome things of course!) and always the famous “Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first of September was crisp and golden as an apple.” – quote to loose yourself in 😉

Do you have a book which you find especially fitting to read during the fall? I’d gladly listen to some of your tips!

(P.S I’ve kind of cheated with autumn by drinking loads of tea, listening to autumny music (Roo Panes, piano music – it’s comparable to the sound of raindrops I think) and eating cacao-dipped dates (YUM!). Seriously considering to already go get myself some cider this weekend so I can drink hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks and vanilla in the light of candles… but I’ll do my best to contain myself.

Wishing you all a lovely, lovely week. Take care of yourselves.


Yours truly,


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As November falls

Hi there! There isn’t much writing these days, not here anyway – well, not even in my physical diary to tell you the truth. All my creativity and energi are focused on school, since my exam is nearing. Twoo weeks from now I will recieve my doom, and I’m terrified. I don’t feel ready for exam week next week at all – me and my classmates are supposed to take care of the hairdresser salon at school all by ourselves and make our own decisions about color and haircuts. I’m seriously nervous about doing something wrong when coloring and make the customer’s hair turn a color we most definately do NOT want. Oh lord.

Buuuuut – apart from that, I’m good :’D I’ve actually allowed myself to be spoilt for a bit this month and some time forward. I’m feeling I need this right now in order to make it through these last two weeks of school. It’s not many things, but a few, and they actually mean quite a lot to me.

For example, I’ve just gotten myself a new, cozy jacket for future autumns (or the coming warm winter), which arrived a couple of days ago. Thankfully enough it’s just as cozy as I’d hoped, and I’ve also bough myself some luxurious shampoo and hair conditioning from an organic brand called Bruns, which is suited for my hair in particular and it just feels really good to use it. Like it really does take care of me 🙂

Today I had to buy some less fun things though, mostly basic things that have become old and worn out, like socks, underwear and basic tops, but I also found myself a turtleneck sweater that’s very effective in keeping me warm now when the days are getting colder – actually, having as short hair as I do (I have a very short pixie cut) you actually feel great need to have something warm around your neck when there’s no hair to cover it.

Lastly I just ordered my first christmas present (phiew! One down, three to go!), and a corduroy tote bag for myself (yet again spoiling myself a bit) which I think’ll actually be very useful.

Otherwise I’m just trying to surround myself with cozy, relaxing things that makes it easier for me to stay calm and not too nervous. Movie music, soft piano music, hot cups of tea and cozy coffe times with a friend or two whenever there’s time. So, here are a few pics from earlier this month when I had a really great long-distance friend on visit over Halloween. Wishing y’all a wonderful Sunday tomorrow, remember to take care of yourselves from time to time.

Yours truly,


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Quiet in the North

Well, here I am. Calm, present, at ease with myself and the world, quoting Anna from Frozen.

The sky’s awake, so I’m awake.

Sitting here with a glowing heart and pretending I’m a big poet. Though really I’m just in my bed and going through some pictures from this evening. So to be really honest, these pictures were taken a couple of hours ago, at sunset.

Have you ever taken that pottermore quiz, and gotten to that question about dawn or dusk? One would think I was going to say, after these pictures, that I’ve always liked sunsets more, but that isn’t true. I love mornings and the peace they bring. I love waking up early before the world’s awake, though I seldom do this but in my imagination (sadly enough).

There is absolutely no certain point with this post. I’m just writing whatever comes into my head. It’s been so cold on the writing front these last few months – I haven’t even written in my own physical diary. I’ve just been so tired and focused on school and not losing myself in it that I haven’t had much energy to be creative outside class. But now I’m enjoying two weeks of unofficial vacation, and I’m currently spending my days up at my gramps cottage in the north. It’s just me and them here, which is kind of unusual since I almost never come here without the rest of my family (or even at all to tell you the sad truth), but hopefully my sister will come here too on Sunday morning. I’m, dying to have some more photoshoots in the light of sunset…

Well, that’ll have to be enough nonsense for now. I really hope you have a beautiful weekend.

Yours truly,


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And spring sprung

Hi there! 

I suddenly felt an urge to share my sudden and completely thourughgoing satisfaction with this day (so far) and with this particular moment. I’ve just been sitting in our outdoorsy-room enjoying a cup of coffee in the first rays of spring sunshine, and am just about to go and take a shower because I’ve actually been doing some workout. I mean the feeling you get after a workout… it’s almost unbeatable! So far my trick of buying some ridiculously expencive workout clothes for myself to get my ass off the couch and get some workout done is actually working. Today I inaugurated them by doing a 30-35 minutes long workout in the livingroom – I went from bottom up, working from calves to arms and shoulders. I don’t have the biggest capacity yet, since I haven’t really been woking out properly since I was 16/17, and that is almost six or seven years ago now, so 30 minutes is absolutely enough for me to begin with. So now I’ve been sitting here enjoying the first warmth of the spring sun with a cup of coffee in my hand.

We have homestudies on Mondays, which is why I’m at home and not at school right now. And since I was quite productive yesterday and finished almost the entire homework after I got home from work, I’m enjoying some spare time. Later this afternoon however I will have to go into town for a work meeting, but I have a few hours left before I have to get going.

Anyhow, the shower awaits, then luch and the last bit of studying and perhaps a few more minutes sunbathing!

Have a great, great week guys! 🙂

Yours truly,



Motivation mode managed

Okay, I think I’ve just found my way of getting motivated to start working out. Quite unexpected, but very much appreciated! Apparently all it took was for me to look for some cool and cute workout clothes! Something happened yesterday, when I somehow found this girl and immediately fell in love with her style and her whole blog- and photo theme. I came upon this, this and this post, and suddenly there I was; visiting Nike’s site and clicking up piece after piece that I really, really love. Like – hell yeah, Imma buy some new workout clothes!! Then I realized I really can’t affort it at the mo… so my happy bubble kinda broke, but still – you can always look for inspiration, right? And perhaps  one could indulge oneself to buy one piece… or two… I’d definately like a new pair of workout leggings, in a more fun color than black. So far I’m loving number 10 or either pair of number 11/12 or 15/16, plus number 6/7 and 8… so yeah, pretty much everything. I’m so screwed.

I really wish I’d inherited my parents love for running. Perhaps I would come to like it – if I managed to push past the point where it’s so exhausting I want to lie down on the spot and cry, or vomit – but so far I have never gotten there. The frustrating thing, though, is that I actually think I could be quite good at running (I’m talking long-distance here), because I seem to have inherited some very lucky genes from my parents (when I was still in school I was always one of the fastest girls in the class when we had long-distance running duringe P.E, even though I  didn’t do that as a workout, only gymnastics) but I never seem to use them these days since I never reach that point of fitness. My head’s stopping me on my way there.

Do you have any ideas on how to build up your mental streangth when it comes to working out? Feel free to comment! I’d be grateful for any tip 🙂

Yours truly,


Nike sports wear

Confessions of a Bookaholic

Sometimes it ‘s just way too easy to click home books from a website. You just press a few buttons (‘add to cart’ – ‘proceed to checkout’ – ‘pay with invoice’) and they’re on their way to your door… Yeah, Bitchy (book-itchy) Fingers – it’s a disease. I’m occationally suffering hard from it.

I had only planned to order one book – one teeny tiny, non-expensive book – but apparently that one book was so non-expensive that I didn’t even reach the limit of free delivery, and I just couldn’t have that (I mean, come on, that’s just annoying?!) so yeah, I kinda ordered more… And then suddenly I was up in about 30€… I have no idea how that happened. Someone feelin’ me on this one? AND – it wasn’t even many books, just one more… an expencive one… cuz I’m a bibliophile and tend to buy expensive hardcover books rather than pocket books just because they look pretty.

So yep, two books I’ve been wanting to read fore a while now are on their way to my door – The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux, and The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I just love POTO as a movie, and have been thinking for a while that it would be fun to know the story behind it. As I understand it, the POTO book is a bit more “gothic” than the movie, so it’ll be very interesting to compare them 🙂 The Night Circus is one of my colleagues’ absolute favourite book, and as she’s currently reading one of my favorites (The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss) after my recommendation, I thought it would be fair to read hers 🙂

Has anyone of you read these one of these books? Do you recommend it?

Anyways, since I haven’t got any pics of them yet, I’ll upload one of my older pics of another gorgeous vintage book I’m planning on reading this year. Isn’t it just beauuuutiful?!

Yours truly,



With my mind in Middle Earth

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to post some pictures of the Middle Earth map I ordered from Etsy a few weeks ago.

It arrived quite quickly actually, and to my enormous delight it was just as lovely as it had looked on the pictures! The coloring is just perfect, for me and for my room, and the details are extraordinary. The only surprising thing was that the frame wasn’t made from walnut, which the seller made it sound like. It’s kind of plastic-y (I can’t tell for sure) which is something they forgot to mention… However, the likeness of a real walnut frame is extraordinary, and although the surface is quite flat, they really managed to make the grain look realistic, so unless you touch it you’ll never be able to tell it’s synthetic, which is fine enough for me 🙂 This time, I’m actually going to say that it’s the looks that matters!

For that part I’m re-reading the LOTR series (perhaps I’ve already mentioned this… good Ell, it was such a long time ago since you posted anything here that you don’t even remember what you’ve written…yeah, that’s really good) again, and I’m loving it more every time. According to me, Tolkien really has that  ability to – only with a few words – make you travel in time and disappear completely into the world of Middle Earth, like, you physically fly from the bed and end up beside Frodo and Sam, walking alongside them as they come upon Ithilien, or fight beside Aragorn in the Battle of Helm’s Deep, drawing swords together and driving the enemy from the wall.

Okay, imagination spinning out of control here, but to summarize it – yeah, I like LOTR!

I think I’ll round up here and wish you all a great Friday and weekend! When I get home for school I’m currently thinking I’m going to try and make my sister go out in the snow with me and help me take some pictures of this 70s inspired winter coat I found at Beyond Retro’s garage sale here in the city last Friday. It is soooo cozy and colorful and I just love it, and it would be nice if I had some more fresh pictures to post here on the blog 🙂

‘Til then-

Yours truly,


Like rays of sunshine

Hullo there!

I’ve currently positioned myself on the couch, cozy socks on and a cup of tea beside me, ready to watch The Age of Adaline. However, I’m waiting for my dear mother to join me, so I decided to make a quick post here.

I just had to put my gratitude for this day out in the universe somewhere, and where better than here? It’s been such a great day, even though I haven’t been doing much. I started my hairdresser education this week, this Wednesday actually, so I’m kind of beat, that’s why I decided to sleep in for a bit. I had some breakfast, then went for a walk with Mino out in the sunshine – YES, you heard right; SUNSHINE – I’d almost forgotten how light the days can actually be… So, even though the snow’s gone (it stayed for about a week), we’ve hade the pleasure of a few glorious rays of sunshine. When I came back, I was just about to put on some coffe when my sister and her boyfriend turned up, so they came in for a bit aand we hade some coffee together and talked for a good long while. And this is where I caught myself sitting and feeling so grateful – grateful about the fact that I have such an incredible family, and that I actually hang with my family as people usually hang with their friends. And if someone asked me what I did this Saturday, and I told them that my sister and her boyfriend came by and hung with me, I bet most people would reply – “oh, that sounds so nice! I wish I’d done something like that”. They’re so great, both of them, and so lovely together.

The rest of the day went by quietly. I got a massage from my mother (she’s actually just started studying to be a masseuse and needs to practice – well, I’m not going to say no to that!) and then we made dinner together.

Well, as you can see – a pretty quiet day, and to several of you it won’t sound as much perhaps. But to me, right now, it was just perfect 🙂

I hope you have a really nice weekend!

Yours truly,


Mino jan 2018 050

One ring to rule them all – One ring to find them – One ring to bring them all – And in the World of Tolkien bind them

Hey guys!

I know it’s late. Riddiculously late, actually (or riddiculously early, depending on how you see it), but I just had to write, because I’m so excited I wouldn’t have been able too sleep anyway. On a whim (okay not really a whim, I’ve been thinking of this for a whole week – yeah, how’s that for taking your time before deciding on anything? I’m super not-serious. So, well, yeah It’s kind of on a whim but what the hell.) – just now, in the middle of the night – I ordered a new wall painting/photo for my room! It’s so incredulously gorgeous and I’m totally flippin’! As the LOTR nerd I am become, I decided to light up my day with a map of Middle Earth to hang on the wall. And not the most common yellow-ish maps (that of course are beautiful as well, but quite colorless), but it goes in a kind of pale beige, blue and green theme… I fell in love with it the moment I saw it because of its coloring, and because of the frame that can come with it. I can’t wait for it to arrive! I decided to cut in on my monthly budget just to buy this… I’ll have to do with a couple of hundered less a month for some time now, but it’s totally worth it.

Over all, my writing spirit is kind of high these days, although sadly enough I never feel inclined to bring  out the computer the moment creativity hits. No, I keep sticking to my pencil and paper, which I seem to find much more calming, and much more accessable since you can carry it around wherever you are and just take out the pen and paper whenever you feel like it.

I just have to write a few words of gratitude for the snow we got yesterday before I dim the lights and go to bed. It certainly lights up this grey world, and I do hope it will be allowed to remain for at least a few days. Below zero, please remain where you are. I should probably try to get out and take a stroll in the snow with the camera tomorrow before the light disappear, I suppose I won’t get too many chances…

Oh and yeah – quite recently I picked up a parcel from the post office containing my Christmas Present to myself. And guess what…? A box set of LOTR 60th anniversary edition. Holy moly they’re GORGEOUS!


Nikon D90 + AF-S Nikkor 30mm f/1.8



Twas day before Christmas…

… and I was waking up to the sound of rain on the windowsill. Rain. I mean come on now, It was below freezing point just yesterday?! Seriously, I can’t remember last time we actually had a white Christmas.  I swear it was nore snow when I was younger… I really need to move northwards in the country so I can get some seriously big amounts of snow, cuz it kinda takes away some of the Christmas feels’ when you look out the window and the grass is still green…

But there are lots of cozy and Christmasy things inside at least 🙂 I’m really pleased with the christmas decor in my room this year. And I got such a beautiful christmas boquet consisting of amaryllis, some rowanberries and a couple of fir branches, when I had my last day at the library, and I found a place for it in my room where it is so aesthetically pleasing it leaves me with a very satisfied feeling in my stomach. A small thing that I tend to really appreciate 🙂 I’ve been wanting to try and capture the feels of the room and decor, but it’s so hard with the light these days – it’s only light for a few hours a day, and it’s getting dark around 2.30 pm. I’m hoping I’ll find some time tomorrow though!

Also, I managed to put together my medieval times inspired gingerbread house today – it looks a lot better on the pictures though, because you can’t spot all the dents and mistakes that are easy to nocite irl x) It was damn hard to put it together, I must say… I’m definately not a pro… gotta practice more.

I hope everything’s good with you and that you have a great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! Hopefully I’ll write again tomorrow or on Christmas Day (not that you really care, but that’s something I choose to ignore! 😉 )

Yours truly


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